All students are required to have their immunizations up to date to attend school as directed by the Minnesota Statute Section 121A.15.   There are changes made to the optional and recommended vaccine lists frequently. All families should check on this with your health care provider when you go in for physicals. 

If students do get other immunizations, bring in the dates and 
names of the vaccines and we will update them into your health file. 

If you need assistance getting immunizations call Goodhue County Public Health at 1-800-950-2142 to find out about their immunization program.

If your student has a medical reason that they can not receive immunizations, your physician can fill out the Medical Exemption part of the Student Immunization Form.

No student is required to have an immunization that is contrary to the conscientiously held beliefs of his/her parent or guardian.  However, not following the vaccine recommendations may endanger the health or life of the student or others they come in contact with.  In a disease outbreak, schools may exclude children who are not vaccinated in order to protect them and others.  To receive an exemption to vaccination, a parent or guardian must complete and sign the Conscientious exemption portion of the Student Immunization Form and have it notarized.

High school seniors should also be aware that each state can have different
immunization requirements or recommendations for college students. You
can check with your school to find out what they require.
Parents can ask for a school immunization printout for camps or other 

An immunization form can be found on the Student Health Forms Page

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