Request Funding


  1. Programs and activities that supplement and enhance the educational process are the primary focus of the foundation funding.
  2. Resource materials that support programming and activities.
  3. Other funding resources should be reviewed and considered before submitting funding requests.  Foundation funding is not intended to replace usual and customary public funding of ISD 252.
  4. There are no dollar restrictions as to the amount of a request.
  5. The number of participants served and the cost per participant will be important factors when determining the value and merit of a request.

Who May Request Funds

  1. Typically, funding requests will originate from the school district's professional staff.
  2. Any citizen of ISD 252 may submit a funding request through a co-sponsoring arrangement with a school district representative.

Approval Procedures

  1. Individuals requesting funds complete a one-page funding request form and submit the request form to their principal to review and sign, who will then submit it to the Superintendent for their review and signature.  (The link to this form can be found below.)

  2. The Superintendent reviews each request to ensure compatibility with overall school district educational objectives.  All requests will be forwarded by the Superintendent to the CFEF Program Committee.

  3. The requestor may be asked to join the CFEF Program Committee as they review the request at the Committee's monthly meeting or to the full CFEF Board of Director's monthly meeting for their consideration.

  4. The CFEF Program Committee will notify the requestor as to the status of their request within one week following the monthly meeting. 

  5. CFEF greatly appreciates any follow up pictures, videos or written summaries after approved grants are implemented. These submissions may be used on social media to promote CFEF so be sure to obtain any necessary permissions for pictures or videos involving students.

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