Our Mission

Cannon Falls Elementary PTO Mission


We host a few, carefully chosen fundraisers to support the students and staff at Cannon Falls Elementary School. These include book fairs and events that stress family fun such as the Halloween event, winter carnival, family movie night, and Christmas party.


We use our funds to help our school and to grant teacher requests.  We have given money to the school library to help buy new books, have donated books, pencils, and bookmarks to help support I Love to Read Month to make sure that all kids value reading, and have supported our teachers by funding classroom requests. Currently we are raising funds to help purchase a new school projector and to keep fulfilling teacher requests.


The PTO also collects Family Fare receipts.  Did you know that we receive $1,000 for every $150,000 in Econo Receipts that we submit? This is a great fundraiser for us as we are supporting a local business and in turn, that business supports us!  We have challenged the 4th grade classes to collect the receipts so that we are able to donate money towards their annual Eagle Bluff trip. Some years we are able to submit $300,000 in receipts and that helps the PTO donate $2000 to the Eagle Bluff trip. This helps to reduce the cost for EACH student by $20! Your receipts matter to us. Please drop off or mail your Family Fare receipts to the PTO mailbox, located at the elementary school.

2022-2023 PTO Informational Packet